Request for demo

Request for demo


Why Chose GoERPBaby?

GoERPBaby is fully customizable to any level unlike other ERP where it takes month. It’s the cheapest in the enterprise category & lowest amount of time is required for implementation for end users. So you can beat your competition easily.

Cloud ERP Company

GoERPBaby’s Unique Selling Proposition

Price / Performance Ratio of GoERPBaby

GoERPBaby is on an average 40% to 60% economical than competitors (complete project deployment).


GoERPBaby can be fully customized to suit the specific and environment needs of your customer

Time to Implementation

Start with one application/module and expand. Built the GoERPBaby solution at the pace your customer can absorb and work with. Move from concept and design to a complete modular solution within 2-3 months. Less people to involve in the decision making process.

On Site / On Line

GoERPBaby is the only ERP solution that provides online as well as offline assistance or functions on a single applications.

Try Before you Buy

The only ERP solution that you can actually try before you buy.

Benefits of Partnership

The Partnership Program offers you a wide range of tools and advantages by providing you with:

  • Lead Generation Program – We forward the requests we get for to you.
  • Visibility as an official GoERPBaby partner, – 5000 daily visit.
  • Support – for functional or technical questions.
  • Partner meeting to improve business issues and upgrade training.
  • Consulting and development services on demand.
  • Discount on all our services like GoERPBaby Enterprise to migrate smoothly.

According to your package, we include one or two weeks of training:\

  • Functional training for consultants: to understand and navigate the Software.
  • Technical training for developers: to develop new module.