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Request for demo

Purchase Management

14-july-ERP-NEW-ChangesPurchase management takes care of all the procedures that are part of procurement of products/items or raw materials which are requisite for an organization. Purchase management include functions like supplier & item linking, supplier/vendor listing, receiving & recording orders, sending order request to vendors, tracking purchase items, preparing receipts and updating stocks and a variety of purchase reports.

Purchase Order

With GoERPBaby, user can make a purchase order to a chosen vendor that specifies a list of items to be purchased with a note to the contact person.

Product Inward

Product inward feature of GoERPBaby will track your inventory and will update when the products are moved and purchased by customers.

Vendor Management

GoERPBaby vendor profile management solutions help large organizations minimize the amount of time, effort and resources they devote to managing supplier and vendor data.