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ERP Solutions for Consumer Goods and Services Industry

Consumer demands for new products at affordable prices is high. Companies that cater to the consumer goods and services market are challenged with the task of remaining competitive in an environment where product lifecycles are short, and first-to-market windows are even shorter.

GoERPBaby solutions provide consumer packaged goods distributors the tools they need to meet growing demands, effectively manage costs and control inventory, and grow their business.

Optimize Supply Chain Processes

  • Save time and increase accuracy by implementing RF bar coding to collect data.
  • Speed order picking with powerful, integrated Automated Data Collection (ADC) solutions.
  • Reduce the chance of costly errors by accurately tracking shipping, delivery, and returns.

Improve Efficiency of Your Operation

  • Reduce administration costs and improve efficiencies with automated financial management.
  • Access all client and product information—including bestselling items, current receivables, and inventory status—and make decisions quickly based on trends using real-time business intelligence tools.
  • Streamline operations by eliminating manual, time-consuming processes.

Improve Customer Service

  • Provide high level of customer support with increased visibility into customer data and order status.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with increased speed of order processing and delivery times.