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Real Estate

ERP Solutions for Real Estate Industry

“Save time and money. Build your profit.”


The real estate industry’s capitals are directly associated to the development of world economies. The emerging trend in real estate industry is furthering heightened marketability, acquisitions and mergers, whereas new rules & regulations are forcing information controls and tighter business. Being a part of an industry that involves significant outflow, you may face numerous challenges in different areas of your business, for instance, in project planning and execution, project costing, regulatory compliance, pricing system and cash flow visibility. To make profits, you have to keep costs down, collect efficacies across processes and stay commercially feasible by passing on all these bonuses to the clienteles through optimal pricing. You also have to operate project and budget planning, site selection, construction, regulatory approvals and other aspects of your business smartly and properly. Enterprise Resource Planning system can help you strengthen efficiencies and visibility within your organization. Real estate ERP systems can efficiently aid the truths of your business and propose cost-effectual solutions to the issues of your organization.

ERP features and functions in real estate

Commercial and corporate real estate agents need a targeted and industry specific ERP software solution to function the property based inventory transactions such as retail, office, industrial, residential or corporate and branch offices. A real estate ERP system can track several kinds of property and also all other processes related to the asset life span that include space management and assignment, original procurement of property and its eventual disposal, grounds maintenance, incoming rental charges and many other functions.
At Gowebbaby, we develop and customize ERP systems with the following features:

  • Inventory management system is an exceptional application targeted at consumers who need an ordinary stock control system. This program is prepared with some particular modules which assist their users to operate inventory at their warehouses, monitor and regulate stock movement and keep a close track on the inventory.
  • Customer management is a special unit that contains data about clienteles, their personal information, purchases and credit history.
  • Pre-sales and marketing management system is a pretty modest program that assists control marketing campaigns and follow-ups targeted at the leads or customers. This program also gives its users and capability to handle e-mail and SMS marketing without any kind of pressure & difficulty towards marketing department.
  • Sales and transaction feature comprises functions of order placement, making deals, order scheduling, commission to partners or employees, the stages of payment, etc.
  • Financial system is highly incorporated with the functionality of all departments within Real Estate Company and aids in generating valuable financial reports.
  • Booking management system assists real estate agents track and operate sales and booking activities around all project categories, For example:- Residential, Villas, Plotting, and Commercial etc.
  • Agent management program helps the employees of real estate organization in operating multiple schemes within one project, control accommodation rate and inform the customers about new locations.
  • Human resource management system is a collection of consistent programs that streamlines HR operations by lessening administrative time-intensive tasks and decreasing costs by activating self-maintaining applications.

Benefits ERP can bring to real estate

ERP systems have been processed for those individuals who tremendously desire their real estate business develop easily and quickly. And who wish to stay on top of their competitors and always have knowledge of brand new trends and maintain good relations with customers. Here there is a set of advantages you can get by making use of our ERP system:

  • Real time processing of all invoices
  • Smart management of sales of properties.
  • Highly safeguarded, strict user role base access
  • Proper organization of maintenance of buildings
  • Noticeable cash flow enhancement
  • Immediate and constant overview of financial condition of your organization