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Hospitality and Tourism

ERP Solutions for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

“Maximizing the profits by providing exceptional customer services with ERP solution for Hospitality & Tourism Industry.”


Nowadays, hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most powerful. Being the promoter of the local economy of many countries, the sector with, a payback, a profitability and a high rate of the capital of the investment, tourism forms activates balance of foreign trade, gross domestic product (GDP), creates extra openings and thus provides population with the employment. As hospitality and tourism industry nurtures swiftly, no wonder that struggle in this particular industry is enormously high. Accurate information about the customers, customer service of the highest level, and all the provided services is a must for those organizations who want to be fruitful. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system meets all the burdens of a modern travel organization. It empowers travel companies to maintain cooperation between the departments, provide extraordinary customer service, provide structured information in real time and secure the accomplishment of the daily work. ERP solution facilitates in cutting-down the operational costs and boost up the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

ERP functions and features in hospitality and tourism industry

ERP system is a valuable tool of administrative control and information. It can be utilized to manage every level of hospitality and tourism industry: management of finance, human resource, stocking, projects, service, maintenance, decision-making, investment, risk, region planning, payoff analyzing, intelligent traffic and region business.

The features of ERP systems advanced and tailored at GoERPBaby are as follow:

  • Human Resource management system is a group of incorporated details that simplifies both capitals and human resources. It contains the list of employees (where leaves, attendance, shifts are stored), and also the timesheet (facilitates managers and other senior employees to check the hours worked).
  • Customer relationship management module gives you with a prospect to augment sales. This easy to use database allows you to know your customers better by giving any detail on them: their addresses, relationship and contacts with your competitors.
  • Financial accounting module is designed to record the expenditure, revenue and assets of the organization. This module facilitates in reviewing the company’s financial status in real time and also handles regulation of the money flow.
  • Quality management module is a key to achievement in hospitality and tourism industry. It is designed to keep track of the superiority of the products throughout all stages of their life-cycle.
  • Reports management system will be of great assistance. With the help of this module, you can get the core operational information: checkout /check-in reports, reports about employees, occupancy reports.
  • Order and billing management system is a step towards error-free, smooth and order-to-cash procedure. This module eliminates billing errors, amplifies cash flow and enhances quote accuracy.
  • Marketing and Pre-sales management system is developed with the intention of helping you manage follow-ups and marketing campaigns towards your customers.

Benefits ERP can bring to hospitality and tourism industry

Being tailor-made to the requirements of the tourism sector, ERP enables in saving labor hours of the organization as well as its expenditures. With ERP solution for hospitality and tourism industry, one can be at benefit thanks to the following advantages:

  • Reduces the need for purchasing and maintaining manifold software systems
  • Empowers all the departments in industry to perform several functions simultaneously
  • Eradicates labor-intensive manual procedures, makes data collecting more accurate and efficient
  • Easy and quick access to information is provided, the interaction with the customer in real time
  • Simpler to use for the staff as it provides a simple access to data and enables the preparation of specific reports.