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Furniture Erp Software

ERP Software: Furniture Manufacturers, Retailers & Wholesalers


The Furniture manufacturing industries possess unique business software requirements. To keep pace with customer demand, furniture manufacturers are offering greatly expanded product lines and custom options. The wide variety of materials, dimensions, colors, finishes, fabrics and product options are placing increased demands on information systems to provide the functionality and flexibility required to address all business requirements. The demands of your customers for reduced delivery times are a critical element which your software must support you in meeting.

Key Components of GOERPBABY Software for Furniture Industry

  • Inventory management
  • Receipt of goods
  • Material consumption
  • Internal Inventory transfers
  • Jobs
  • Stock adjustments
  • Movement of scrap
  • Finished goods batches
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Batch costing
  • Inventory evaluation
  • Min-Max inventory planning
  • Job planning for order
  • Vendor selection for order
  • Planned purchase order
  • Master plan scheduling
  • Bill of materials
  • Production plans
  • Routing operations
  • Job order feedback
  • Subcontracting
  • Sales enquiries, quotations and orders
  • Shipments and sales invoice
  • Pricing, customer wise
  • Tax configuration
  • Sales returns
  • Sales forecasts
  • Sales targets
  • Sales performance
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase quotations
  • Purchase order
  • Returns to vendor
  • Pricing and taxation
  • User defined specifications
  • Goods Inward Note (GIN) level specification
  • Finished goods specification
  • Quality Control (QC) on Goods inwards note
  • QC on Finished goods
  • Quality testing.

Key Benefits of ERP in Furniture Industry –

Standardizing procedures: We introduce standardized procedures across your furniture business, with the scope to implement configurable, high end processes.

Complying with regulations: We offer India specific functionalities to address legal and procedural requirements relating to taxation, pricing, excise, export and import on your products.

Streamlining cash flows: The solution is designed to shorten the lead time of a transaction by integrating manufacturing with finance. This includes Procure to Pay on the purchase side and Order to Cash on the sales side.

Rate vendors: You can select vendors at the time of purchase order as per there rating and the current price they are offering.

Inventory: Planning engines like Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Min Max help in planning the inventory intake, thereby reducing the inventory holding costs.

Reducing procurement costs: Our solution helps you plan purchases to avoid peak pricing and small orders. This ensures savings and lower shipping costs.

Integrating Multi Location: By integrating isolated systems in geographically-dispersed branches, we help you monitor business processes in significant detail. As a result, you drill-down to factory level details to quickly identify and solve problems.

Getting unified real-time views: By providing access to a smooth flow of consolidated financial information that represents operations across multiple business centers we enable product wise tracking of costs and revenues.

Cutting losses: Our solution helps identify loss making products and eliminate unprofitable inventories before losses increase. The solution also pinpoints processes that need to be streamlined in order to reduce business cycles.

Satisfying customers: Our solution helps ensure that you achieve greater efficiencies in customer support services, such as warranty tracking and after-sales services. This helps you gain new customers and retain old ones.

Complete ERP process In Furniture Industry –