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ERP Solutions for Energy Industry

More than most industries, energy companies often have complex and diverse needs. From government regulations to integration with industry-specific service management software, the energy industry faces unique challenges.

GoERPBaby solutions help you address these challenges by seamlessly integrating with your existing field service management system. By importing data into your GoERPBaby solution, you can provide a single access point to all of your customer and job information available from anywhere in the company. Combined with an integrated system of inventory management, fixed asset management, customer relationship management (CRM), and powerful financial tools, GoERPBaby solutions provide you everything you need to better run your business.

Manage All Fixed and Variable Assets

  • Stop overpaying taxes and insurance fees by tracking the value of all assets internally, using bar-code scanners to input data into your ERP system and calculating depreciation automatically.
  • Monitor assets and inventory according to project or work order by tracking materials by individual warehouses or job locations.

Control Project and Job Costs

  • Reduce data entry time by tying work orders and assets to projects.
  • Help keep projects on schedule and on budget by automating data collection and critical business processes from order capture to inventory replenishment.
  • Track costs and revenue down to the finest details on every project through automated project estimating, billing, and time and materials invoicing.

Streamline Business Processes

  • Eliminate unnecessary extra steps by integrating work management information with CRM data.
  • Reduce administration costs and improve efficiencies with automated financial management.
  • Spot trends in the industry and stay ahead of your competitors by delivering real-time business intelligence and alerts to management and customers.