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Chemical Industry

ERP Solutions for Chemical Industry

“ERP solutions embolden to bring around profitable clienteles”


With the purpose of surviving in highly competitive business atmosphere, organizations have to change their business procedures and the accurate investments in technology can deliver a noteworthy competitive benefit. The chemical industry comprises organizations concerned in the production of chemicals with high economic influence. These include agrochemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, chemicals and polymers. Like other industry, Chemical Industry also possesses many departments like Sales department, Purchase department, Financial Accounting, Production department etc. The industry has exceptional manufacturing requirements and managing the operational procedure is monotonous. Tougher competition in the marketplace is generating the need to superior optimize resources, improve profitability, keep customers satisfied and improve productivity. Companies are progressively implementing ERP software solutions to increase operations and provide earlier customer responses.

ERP functions and features in chemical industry

ERP solution for Chemical Industry facilitates chemical manufacturers to effectively and efficiently manage quality, record formulation, production, financial and customer reporting. The chemical solution of ERP is an affordable option for any organization and also offer more than a few benefits to your organization. Some of the modules of ERP solution for Chemical Industry that truly assist your organization are as follows:-

  • Inventory Management helps in defining raw supplies, work-in-procedure, and finished products in terms of any unit of quantity with instinctive conversion from one unit to other unit.
  • Customer management program assists in improving the level of customer satisfaction and deliver it to essential quality if required.
  • Purchasing and Order Management aids the complete purchasing procedure, from securing quotations to issuing and receiving vouchers for materials, to updating inventories.
  • Total quality management system keeps track of not only superiority with the assistance of management plans in servicing and purchasing but also if you need a rapid review it can provide you with real-time procedure opportunity index.
  • Finance management system provides accurate and agile financial and operational decision support as well as financial and analysis functionality reports for more than a few departments and cost centers.
  • Human resource management system is a set of incorporated functions that makes HR operations more effective by decreasing costs and shortening time-consuming administrative tasks by involving self-service applications.

Benefits ERP can bring to Chemical Industry

ERP systems are being worked out for the individuals who exceptionally wish their chemical business expand swiftly and with no trouble and who wish to remain on top and keep up with revolutionary technologies and maintain good relations with customers. Here you can find a number of advantages you can get while utilizing ERP system:

  • Enhance operational value and upsurge business visibility
  • Boost up customer relationship and simplifies production
  • Monitor and control expenses and lessen errors
  • Get entire view of your business and accurate formulation data
  • Make superior business decisions and keep customer promises
  • Global reach, superior inventory visibility, abridged distribution costs, advanced customer satisfaction