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Go Green with ERP software

Go Green with ERP software

All organizations that want to help the environment and reduce the costs of operating their business should read this article. ERP has always been known as lean, but what about green. Business management software environmentally friendly?

Well think about it. The idea behind ERP is to streamline operations, to minimize the amount of energy spent in processing work through the organization. Much of the saved energy is saved human energy. No longer do you have double entry, or are you spending hours amassing reports for. ERP saves a massive amount of time and energy in this area, but the impact is not only to human energy.

Reduce Manual Entry Work

Double entry means twice the amount of time that someone has to sit at a terminal and retype information. Often time’s reports are printed out of one system to be keyed into another. That’s a lot of wasted paper, ink and energy. When you look at it, all of that is needless waste.

Diminish the spaces used in storing the documents

In most small business you will find rows and rows of filing cabinets, Information that is important no doubt but all that paper printed for what. All that space used up to keep the files is really wasted energy and space.

In most cases the existing files and filing cabinets you are stuck with. For trace ability or the taxman you need to keep these old school records but moving forward you can make a difference. Keep those files in an ERP software package and you not only have a record forever it is not printed and not taking up any physical space in your office. Also if anyone ever needs to find it they can do so in seconds rather than hours in some cases.

How many offices have you worked in that one of the receptionists or clerks spent much of their time pulling or putting away files?

There are many areas that ERP will have an environmental impact, from scheduling machines and man-hours in the most efficient manner to reducing mistakes and inventory. All these things cost your organization money. The tools that ERP systems provide help you better manage your resources. Incidentally unlike many other environmental initiatives in the end ERP saves your company money and reduces your organizations environmental impact on society.

Go green with ERP the earth and your banker will thank you for it.